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  °@Nylon Coil Zipper Workshop>>  

With the most advanced and highly automated machinery including high speed weaving, coil forming and sewing equipment, we produce nylon zippers in size #2, #3, #3 invisible, #4, #5, #6/7, #6 invisible, #8, #9, and #10.  Our average monthly production is around 20 million meters of nylon coil zipper.  All of our products have undergone a strict quality control process to ensure our customers receive the highest quality merchandise.  Fully compliant with ISO 9001:2000, each quality check is performed meticulously and precisely, from IQC through FQC.

  °@Finished Zipper Workshop>>  
  Our fully equipped finished zipper workshop is staffed by the best people in the industry.  From different volume orders, unusual styles or lengths, to special requirements or emergency delivery, our well-trained staff will ensure that our delivered finished zippers match your most rigorous specifications. 
  °@Slider Workshop>>  
  With over 40 die-cast machines, 3000+ types of puller, 100+ slider sets, and 20 co-mold injection machines, our new streamlined workshop produces well over 1 million high quality sliders daily.  Using only top quality imported Zamak, special care is given to each individual order, whether it is a mass production order or a sample order.  We also provide a great variety of options such as non-toxic finish, microinjection molding, epoxy filled, hand polished/brushed, co-molding, highlighted, laser-etched, silkscreen printing, etc. 
  °@Dyeing Workshop >>    
  From photospectrometer analysis to automatic dyestuff prescription and mixing, we use the latest techniques in dyeing technology to ensure that our product matches your fabric.  Only azo-free dyestuffs of the highest quality are used so that your product will meet the most stringent standards. 
  °@Plastic and Metal Zipper Workshop>>  

We offer a wide range of plastic molded zipper products including sizes #3, #5, #7, #8, #9, #10, and custom made sizes.  Our one-way and two-way metal zippers come in a variety of finishes and come specially lacquered to withstand use under the most adverse circumstances.

  °@Woven Zipper Workshop>>  

Softer, thinner, yet 30% stronger than a normal #3 nylon zipper, our #3 woven zipper is made using advanced German technology.  Unlike traditional methods which require the tape and coil to be formed separately and sewn together, a woven zipper is formed by forming and weaving the coil directly into the tape, resulting in a highly integrated and stronger product.